Victoria, BC



Creating art is very therapeutic for me, the process of emptying my heart and soul into each piece I create helps me clear my head and sorts myself out.  Ever since I was a child I’ve used art as a way to deal with the bad times and enhance the good times, using colour and canvas as my form of expression.

For over three decades I’ve been heavily influenced by graffiti, loving the bright colours and individual expression that go with this style of art.  Letter bending and playing with colour has given me the foundation for how I approach my work in other mediums such as pencil crayon, acrylics, custom model trains and watercolours.  Although my background is primarily in custom graffiti pieces and abstract acrylics I’ve recently been playing around with portraits and landscapes, learning new mediums and techniques. 

Life is short and during my time here I hope to keep creating pieces that not only make me feel good and represent me as an artist but make those around me smile.

Stay Creative.

Have No Regrets.

nathan nazo davis